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What kind of guest posts do you accept?

We only accept guest posts about healthcare products. We offer beauty and natural products. So we are only looking to write about either our products, or the beauty industry.

Some titles that you can write about

We receive a lot of guest posting enquiries. If you want to show that you read this guest posting page, include one of these titles in your message.

Some titles that we would love to receive are:

“5 Must-Have Italian Beauty Products for Your Skin”

“Why Italian Ingredients Make a Difference”

“Easy DIY Italian Beauty Recipes”

There are lots of online resources to help you be creative and come up with new ideas! ((“How to Generate New Article Ideas – 2023.” MasterClass. Accessed October 4, 2023. ))

Can I write about the products on your website?

Unfortunately we do not allowed writing about L’erbolario products.

However, we are open to editors helping with getting reviews to showcase. Please note that this means real reviews. No plagiarising reviews from other websites. ((“Plagiarism.” Wikipedia, October 1, 2023. ))

L'erbolario Web Team

L'erbolario Web Team

We are the web team. We handle all editorial, marketing and web tasks. Please fill up the contact form above for more details on writing for us.