Fior di Salina Deodorant Lotion


For all skin types. After cleansing, spray under the armpits+F154. Freshness and comfort throughtout the day. Size: 100ml PET bottle

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With Sea Salt from Saline Conti Vecchi, (Toning-Smooting-Compacting), Sodium usnate from Usnea barbata (Protective), Triethyl Citrate from Biotechnology (Bacteriostatic), Phytocomplex that neutralises odours, made from Horsetail and Sage, Deodorant phytocomplex obtained from Coconut (Skin purifying), Alpha Bisabolol from organic Candeia (Soothing), distilled water from Strawberry Tree leaves (Refreshing-Toning), extract of Glasswort (Softening-Moisturising), Mastic leaves extract (Elasticising-Protective-Emollient)


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