Folta Chioma Intensive Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair for Her


With STIMUCAP, Archillea, Maidenhair Fern and Oligoelements. A cosmetic adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss for women. The formulation relies on Stimucap Complex to help maintain a thick & strong head of hair, extract of pink Archillea & Maindenhair fern meanwhile have a potent antioxidant action which also encourage surface microcirculation in the scalp increasing the hair’s robustness. The oligoelements of zinc, copper & magnesium helps maintain hair structure & Phytocomplex of Coltsfoot Flowers & China Bark for their energizing effect on the scalp. Ideally to be used in combination with the Folta Chioma Shampoo. 12 vials 6ml each container PE derived from sugar cane plant


Can be used on dry or damp hair. Distribute the contents of a vial evenly over the scalp & massage slowly, using the fingertips to press gently in circular movements for 10-20 seconds, this is important to aid the absorption of the product and thus stimulate surface microcirculation. After application the product dries quickly, leaving the hair clean & pleasantly perfumed. The product should not be rinsed. For Intensive treatment 1 vial every day for 2 months. For Maintenance 1 vial 2-3 times a week for 2 months. We recommend repeating the treatment at least twice a year.

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