Folta Chioma Intensive Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair for Him


With STIMUCAP, Green Coffee, Serenoa and Oligoelements. A cosmetic adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss for men. This solution aims at giving effective protection & reinforce the hair’s natural well-being, encouraging stronger hair fibre. Stimucap Complex active substance helps ward off premature male hair thinning. The formulation also contains antii-oxidant of Green Coffee bean extract & the 3 oligoelements zinc, copper & magnesium add their beneficial anti-stress action to sustain the hair structure. Ideally to be used in combination with the Folta Chioma Shampoo. 30ml Glass Bottle with a dispenser


Can be used on dry or damp hair. Distribute the contents of a vial evenly over the scalp & massage slowly, using the fingertips to press gently in circular movements for 10-20 seconds, this is important to aid the absorption of the product and thus stimulate surface microcirculation. After application the product dries quickly, leaving the hair clean & pleasantly perfumed. The product should not be rinsed. For Intensive treatment 1 vial every day for 2 months. For Maintenance 1 vial 2-3 times a week for 2 months. We recommend repeating the treatment at least twice a year.

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