Folta Chioma Strengthening Shampoo for Thinning Hair* for Her


With STIMUCAP, Archillea, Maidenhair Fern and Oligoelements. A complementary for hair thinning *use in conjunction with the hair loss prevention cosmetic treatment. The numerous effective ingredients makes this Shampoo an excellent cleansing product which also takes care of the female hair with an action that contributes to the prevention of premature hair loss. Anti-oxidant extract from Maidenhair fern combined with Archillea extract combat oxidation damage which can threaten the well-being of hair shaft. The Phytocomplex of Coltsfoot flower & Chinchona Bark assure the dermapurifying effect on the scalp, while Stimucap Complex restores vigor to the hair fibre. The shampoo is enhanced by a delicate fragrance of pure essential oil. 200ml PE bottle


Spread a small amount of product over wet hair, masage for a few minutes & rinse with warm water. 7 metals tested for monitoring of the content to reduce allergy risks.

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