Folta Chioma Strengthening Shampoo for Thinning Hair* for Him


With STIMUCAP* Green Coffee, Saw palmetto & Oligoelements. * used in conjunction with the hair loss prevention cosmetic treatment. This is a highly specific formula for men’s hair, which turns your hair washing routine into an excellent opportunity to offer weak hair the many beneficial properties of a pool of targeted plant ingredients. The anti-oxidant extract of Green Coffee beans improves the strength of the hair fibre, while the Stimucap* complex staves off the risk of temporary hair thinning in men. lastly 3 Oligoelements provides protection & an anti-stress effect. 12 vials 6ml each container PE derived from sugar cane plant 200ml PE bottle


Spread a small amount of product over wet hair, masage for a few minutes & rinse with warm water. 7 metals tested for monitoring of the content to reduce allergy risks.

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Weight 200 kg


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