Olio Solare Elasticizzante (Elasticising Sun Oil) SPF6


With Marigold, Jojoba & Walnut Hull. For fast & deep tanning with protection. The Jojoba oil and Marigold extract nourishes and moisturises the skin. Their considerable elasticising & toning properties are combined with Vitamin E, Farnesol, extract from the Essential Oils of Rose, Acacia, Lily of the Valley & Lilac & Pantothenic Acid which has a softening and firming action. With its new purification procedures it has a lighter texture and is non greasy. Does not stain and leave skin slippery or attract sand. 100ml alumin. spray can


Spray on hand and massage lightly over the entire body and face till absorbed. Dedicated to skin which loves the sun, or for use during the second phase of exposure. Low Protection SPF6

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