Uomo (Men) Baobab Shaving Cream


With Baobab and Green Coffee extracts. For ultra-sensitive skins. This soft and light shaving cream with essential oils, prepares the face for gentle and easy shaving. It allows the razor to slide more smoothly and since it is foam free helps control the direction of blade better, reducing the risk of micro-lesions and small cuts. Nourishing & soothing properties of Baobab & babassu Oils and Coffee butter. With toning and protective action of baobab fruit & Green coffee seeds. Canola Phytosterols alleviate redness caused by shaving and Vitamin E from Soya Seeds an anti ageing substance against premare skin ageing. 150ml alumin. Tube with key

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Take a small amount of the shaving cream on the fingertips and spread evenly over the face to cover the areas to be shaved (cheeks, chin and neck). On finishing shaving remove the last traces of cream with fresh water. To ensure the product is used gradually wrap the tube around itself with the help of the key provided.

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